in GURPS Stats:

  • Damage 3d
  • Accuracy 2
  • Range 200/300
  • Rate of Fire 2
  • Turns to Reload 0
  • Shots 15
  • Strength to Use 10
  • Cost 500

the Model 1866 – became an excellent and robust performer along the Western Frontier, offering up reliability and ease of use with accuracy and a 15-round magazine hold. The Winchester Model 1866 was THE Winchester rifle that started it all, beginning the long and successful line of lever-action systems that would become synonymous with the Winchester brand name and the Wild West. Some 720,000 Winchester rifles would eventually be produced during the lever-action market boom, earning the brand a special place in history and in the hearts and minds of its everyday users.

The Winchester Model 1866 was originally chambered to fire the .44 Henry, the rimfire cartridge developed for the aptly-named Henry Rifle. Rimfire cartridges made use of the firing pin striking the cartridge rim as opposed to its center, as in centerfire cartridges. The cartridge would be produced with its own propellant powder and bullet. Once fired, only the empty “spent” cartridge remained. Later .44 Henry cartridges were made with brass as opposed to the early copper. Fifteen cartridges could be stored in the tubular magazine, each fed backwards via a compression spring with each cocking of the lever.

Action: Lever-Action; Repeating
Cartridge: .44 Henry
Feed System: 15-round tubular magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 1,100ft/sec (335m/sec)
Cyclic Rate-of-Fire: 28 rds/min
Effective Range: 300ft (91m; 100yds)
Sights: Graduated Rear; Fixed Front Post

Overall Length: 1,252mm (49.29in)
Barrel Length: 619mm (24.37in)
Empty Weight: 4.3kg (9.48lbs)


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