in GURPS Stats:
  • Damage 5d
  • Accuracy 4
  • Range 1000/2000
  • Rate of Fire 1
  • Time to Reload 3 turns
  • Shots 1
  • Strength to Use 11
  • Cost 450

The British .577 Snider-Enfield is a type of breech loading rifle.

The Snider was the subject of substantial imitation, approved and questionable, including the near exact copy of the Nepalese Snider, the Dutch Snider, Danish Naval Snider, and the “unauthorised” adaptations of the French Tabatière and Russian Krnka. It served throughout the British Empire, including the Cape Colony, India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The Snider-Enfield Infantry rifle is 54 1/4 inches, longer than most rifles of the time. It used a new type of metal cased cartridge called a Boxer cartridge after its designer. The breech block houses a diagonally downward sloping firing pin struck with a front-action lock mounted hammer. The action operates by the shooter cocking the hammer, flipping the block out of the receiver to the right by grasping the left mounted breech block lever, and then pulling the block back to extract the spent case. There is no ejector, the case being lifted out or, more usually, the rifle being rolled onto its back to allow the case to drop out. The rifles are usually marked Mk I, Mk II or Mk III, the Mark IIIs being those with steel barrels and locking latches on the breech blocks in place of the simple integral block lifting tang.

The Snider-Enfield was produced in several variants. The most commonly encountered variants are the Rifled Musket or Long Rifle, the Short Rifle and the Cavalry as well as the Artillery Carbines.

There are also “Trade Pattern” Snider-Enfields, being Snider-Enfields made for private purchase by various English gun-makers. These were often intended for sale to members of volunteer military units, or simply to anyone who might wish to purchase a rifle.


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