6/17 Intruige, Politics, and Assaults....

Walking towards what appeared to be the Red Light District.

It mainly consisted of a Burlesque House, and a pseudo-underground boxing ring.

The party entered the house and purchased their tickets. In an effort to gain the attention of the man in charge, Hopscots was able to bluff his way into attempting to make a sale of Opium to the Manager.

After insinuating that he was looking for someone with more clout and/or money, Hopscots is swiftly thrown OUT of the establishment. Seeing their plan backfire, the rest of the party ventures outside.

While formulating a new plan, Davidson, our killer, is seen strolling along in the shadows.

No one would have noticed anything if not for James , who recognized his figure as the one they had seen in the tavern earlier that night.

The party quickly started running after him and he bolted!

Ducking around the corner, Davidson, crashed into William “Jack Punch” Cuffay, who was a bit addled, getting used to the time change, fresh off his tour with the Royal Army.

Using his Soldier’s training, William managed to restrain the criminal, who began shouting about the machinations of some sort of secret society before biting down hard enough to crack his false tooth, and poison himself with Cyanide.

Upon a short search of his person, Davidson was discovered to have some sort of note on him.

A cryptographic code, of map coordinates, was discovered to be a date and a time – William’s intuition had them setting off in a hurry towards the appointed meeting place, which turned out to be a local plaza, with a small fountain of note. A messenger gave William- disguised as Davidson- a note thanking him for a job well done, and a cheque, allowing a large amount to be drawn on the Bank of London.

Sneakily following the messenger, who thought he may be followed, but shrugged it off – they finally hit the railway station on the edge of town and the mysterious messenger turned out to be just a random courier.

The letter sent anonymously via the multiple levels of courier service originating in London.

Davidson, having been identified and guilty of the direct murder, was seemingly hired by Lord Byron, arch-rival of Lord Issac and a man who was seemingly above the law.

But why? and how to apprehend this heinous individual?

Inspector Daniels was willing to work beyond the law, and pointed them to Bamboo, who pointed them to a henchman of Esen.

The henchman started running when he saw people chasing after him, and being a rather shady-looking Arab individual. Knightlander, a gritty Royal Marine Sniper, shot him in the foot to assist our party.

Of course, while they were willing to use scare tactics on the messenger to get information, they were rather upset to see Knightlander do the same to a lackey of an underworld figure.

He lead them to Esen, who was interested in taking control of towns from the bottom up, this kind of clouded his judgment when offering an exchange for incriminating information on Lord Byron.

Upon departing, with the promise to have another MP push through the Opium Ban that would make Esen extremely wealthy, and a regular stipend from him in return, they waited at the Inn for a day, while Esen gathered his information.

They were presented with an envelope with two pieces of paper, one had Lord Byron’s gambling debts, damning enough, but the other also contained the names and dates of “Ladies of the Evening” which the lord loved to frequent.

They headed to London, where they rented a room and temporarily stowed the information in the Museum while they sought out Ashley West, Recently elected Science MP – House of Commons, and Miss Davies was directed to meet with Lord Jayne.

Mr West was more than happy to bring up the requested information in an Open Session of Parliament, especially at the expense of a member of the House of Lords. The 2nd meeting with him was even MORE eventful as Hopscots and William were tackled and accosted by a pudgy man. William followed him as much as he could but lost him in a large crowd.

Lord Jayne was especially receptive to the idea of temperance and vowed to stem the tide of Opium flowing through Britain.

Upon returning from Lord Jayne’s Manor, Miss Davies was followed, but was saved in the twilight when the gas lamps came on.

Barricading the door, the party was troubled to hear intruders attempting to feel out their security.

Feeling insecure, they headed to a safehouse that Hopscots had rented out.

taking the twisting turning paths between low-income housing and factories, most of the group made it there safely and undetected.


Marlo, Max, and James ran into 3 gunmen, who were bent on stopping the release of this incriminating information – citing “the greater good”.

While Marlo and Max mis-fired their weapons – they were saved by the quick thinking of James who fashioned a stunning device with the parts left in his pack and disorienting their pursuers.

Quickly, they ran, still twisting and winding down paths, to the safehouse.

Tommorrow, an Open Session begins, wherein they hope to denounce the vile Lord Byron, and bring this chapter to a close…

What will become of our heroes? Tune in next time, to find out!

6/3/2009 - The First Encounter
we come together

After getting in to Southend-On-Sea, Captain Marlo, and his crewmen – Slim and Maximillian – along with the Chinese merchant Hopscots, go into town in search of a new adventure.

Finch and Lark’s is the place to go to get a new lead from Bamboo, and they share a table with Miss Davies, an archaeologist, and James Wheeler, a well-to-do inventor.

Overhearing a heated argument in the middle of a room- later discovered to do with Opium Importation- they banter and all talk to one another when suddenly, the gas lights go out all at once!

Moments later, the lights return in full force, and Lord Issac Renford is found dead – stabbed by a fishing knife in the middle of the room!

Inspector Daniels calls for the doors to be barred and Slim quickly slips out the back door in an attempt to find the assailant.

Marlo and Max bar the front and rear doors, respectively, while the Inspector takes statements.

While Hopscots begins to mention his expertise in Chinese Medicine, and his desire to examine the corpse; Miss Davies lets her curiosity get the best of her, and is summarily placed AWAY from the body, while James and Max head to investigate the source of the gas malfunction.

They discover a valve slightly obscured by a street lamp, attached to the gas line which goes to the rest of the street lights, and also to the tavern.

James, fiddling with the valve to see what it does, knocks out the lights in the tavern, and also dims the streetlights.

The waste workers are less than friendly, and seem to ignore the fact that the lights can go out with little warning. They seem stunned that such a valve exists – is it new?

Returning to the tavern, the rest of the bar patrons are released, and the crew, thrown together in the midst of this heinous crime, are deputized, and directed to find a man known only as Esen-“The Wind”.

Esen- as a criminal overlord, has ties to a local Brothel, our next target.

Inspector Daniels will go to question Lord Issac’s biggest political opponent, but doesn’t expect much from him.

Who will find the nondescript man?

Who hired him?

Who was opposed to the Opium Ban, and why??

Only time will tell!


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