Lici fails notetaking 101


Davies went to go see Lord Jayne and give him critical information about Lord Byron. Marlo and James went to MP Ashley West’s house to wake him up because he wasn’t aware of the early start time for the Queen’s Opening Speech to Parliament. The Gang met at Parliament and during the Queen’s speech, MP West had a nervous breakdown and jumped onto a platform to denounce Lord Byron. An unknown assailant shot and injured West in the shoulder in the crowd, causing West to fall into the crowd. Lord Jayne formally stepped up and did the formal procedure to challenge Lord Byron. Queen got frustrated and ordered Lord Byron removed from the Joint Session of Parliament. She eventually finished her speech and and Parliament resumed their separate sessions of each house afterwards.

Davies attended to West’s shoulder then decided to locate the bullet. Bullet found by Davies in wall. Knightlander attended instead to West’s shoulder and stabilised him. Someone from the Queen’s entourage stopped by and stated that the Queen wants an audience with them at Buckingham Palace the next day.

Hopscotch managed to get toy store owner to buy his clockwork rat, and all the rights to manufacture more of them. West went with servants to a hospital for treatment. Lord Jayne promised he would try to introduce opium bill in the House of Lords.

Squad went back to hotel to get prepared for tomorrow’s meeting with Her Majesty the Queen. Davies went back to her museum during her preparations. Marlo and Hopscotch decide to go gambling at a makeshift boxing arena in east end London. They found out that the fights are not rigged, but there are burly guys who know how to fight. Marlo won +50 GBP, and Hopscotch broke even.

The next day, Davies tries out the automated corset machine that James created as a gift for the Queen, with success, though it tightened the corset too much.

They arrived at Buckingham Palace early, with Knightlander, Smithe, and Shawn Cuffay at parade rest and at attention. Hopscotch is jittery as he has an urge to smoke. Gift is presented and the Queen likes it. She heard about the Squad’s adventures, and mentions to Col. Smithe that her royal family knew his father.

Queen requested that Captain Harrison and his platoon (50 men) is lost northwest of Delhi, India, and wants the Squad to find them. Capt. Harrison was known for performing actions above and beyond the call of duty, and has a reputation known for that. No other information is known on why he is significant. Marlo and Max are being issued a frigate bigger than their steamboat to help sail to India, departing from Portsmouth, England. The frigate is named HMS Greenwich

Squad head to local barracks and meet a Quartermaster (Major) in London. Col. Smithe requested an aide de camp while Mstr. Sgt. requisitioned ammunition. The frigate is armed with Gatling guns and breechloaders. James requisitioned parts and spares for the ship and possible inventions. Davies is requisitioning language books and any cultural / historical area on the region.

Train ride from London to Portsmouth takes 80 miles. All the factories that are being noticed while on the train are synchronised and building something massive. They’re preparing for some military conflict. Hopscotch tries to engage in conversation with others and is rebuffed repeatedly, to the annoyance of people on the train.

When they arrived at Portsmouth, the Squad split off. Col. Smithe, a former Grenadier Guard, went to the Airman’s Barracks to ask about Capt. Harrison, only hearing a rumour that he was mentally ill. Marlo is on the ship preparing it for departure. Knightlander and Davies went on a pub crawl, discovering that the factories producing military equipment are providing material for a military conflict in mainland Europe. Hopscotch went to talk to people by the port with little success. Max and James worked on fixing the engines.

Soon after, the ship is christened as the Greenwich was just completed and this was her maiden voyage. The ship came with a new crew of 24.

While the ship went across the Mediterranean past the Strait of Gibraltar, they encountered two pirate steamships off the coast of Libya, each armed with older cannons. One was sunk. The other ship had people boarding the deck and attacking both the new crew and the Squad. The second ship had spun away, suffering engine damage. By the end of the fighting, eight crewmen were dead and six were wounded (and eventually stabilised and healed). All but one of the pirate boarders are killed, one remaining is unconscious and wounded but stabled. The ship suffered minor damage.

All Squadmembers earned 3 points.



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