6/3/2009 - The First Encounter

we come together

After getting in to Southend-On-Sea, Captain Marlo, and his crewmen – Slim and Maximillian – along with the Chinese merchant Hopscots, go into town in search of a new adventure.

Finch and Lark’s is the place to go to get a new lead from Bamboo, and they share a table with Miss Davies, an archaeologist, and James Wheeler, a well-to-do inventor.

Overhearing a heated argument in the middle of a room- later discovered to do with Opium Importation- they banter and all talk to one another when suddenly, the gas lights go out all at once!

Moments later, the lights return in full force, and Lord Issac Renford is found dead – stabbed by a fishing knife in the middle of the room!

Inspector Daniels calls for the doors to be barred and Slim quickly slips out the back door in an attempt to find the assailant.

Marlo and Max bar the front and rear doors, respectively, while the Inspector takes statements.

While Hopscots begins to mention his expertise in Chinese Medicine, and his desire to examine the corpse; Miss Davies lets her curiosity get the best of her, and is summarily placed AWAY from the body, while James and Max head to investigate the source of the gas malfunction.

They discover a valve slightly obscured by a street lamp, attached to the gas line which goes to the rest of the street lights, and also to the tavern.

James, fiddling with the valve to see what it does, knocks out the lights in the tavern, and also dims the streetlights.

The waste workers are less than friendly, and seem to ignore the fact that the lights can go out with little warning. They seem stunned that such a valve exists – is it new?

Returning to the tavern, the rest of the bar patrons are released, and the crew, thrown together in the midst of this heinous crime, are deputized, and directed to find a man known only as Esen-“The Wind”.

Esen- as a criminal overlord, has ties to a local Brothel, our next target.

Inspector Daniels will go to question Lord Issac’s biggest political opponent, but doesn’t expect much from him.

Who will find the nondescript man?

Who hired him?

Who was opposed to the Opium Ban, and why??

Only time will tell!



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